Low Self Esteem
Life Transitions (Birth, Motherhood, Retirement, etc) 

Body Image
Prenatal Mental Health
Postnatal Mental Health

By using skillful questioning, therapeutic listening and a variety of tools, we have gathered along the way, Deandra and Karli support women with the following:

What Can Grit & Growth Support With?

If you are a woman needing support with self-esteem, communication, relationships, anxiety, depression, perinatal mood challenges, birth preparation, birth trauma, or life transitions, we would be honoured to support you in becoming your best unique self.

We are both women, mothers, sisters, partners, daughters, and community members, and we too have experienced the challenges of managing all of these roles. Additionally, Karli has worked as a certified birth professional helping women and their families prepare for, navigate, and process their unique birth experiences; and Deandra has experience providing consultation to groups of women in a holistic health and diet deprogramming program. In working with women and families, we have come to realize the importance of women's health in creating healthier families and more vibrant communities. We have also noticed that women, for many systemic reasons, need more support with assertive communication, standing in their confidence, embracing themselves, managing family dynamics, and coping with the constant changes life entails. We are passionate and honoured to support women as they grow and change! It can be an inspiring experience for us both.

women's health

challenging behaviours &
 family connectedness

parental mental health

adolescent and teen mental health

Through individual and group session, we can support families with the following:

what can grit & Growth help you wtih?

If you are a teen, or parent of an adolescent or teen who is struggling with mood imbalances, confidence, or cooperation, we can work together to find better balance and deeper connection for your whole family.

Family health refers to the mental wellness of the parents, children and teens. Having spent two years counselling Indigenous youth and their families, Deandra and Karli have seen first hand the effectiveness of working with a family as a unit. Even though working with children and teens outside of the family context can be helpful, significant change and empowerment are experienced when work is done collaboratively with parents and children. This can look like family counselling sessions or a combination of individual and group sessions.

family health


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