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At Grit & Growth Wellness we work with a variety of teens and families on a broad range of issues. If you are a teen, or parent of an adolescent or teen who is struggling with mood imbalances, drug use, confidence, or cooperation, we can work together to find a better balance and deeper connection for your whole family.

Teen Mental Health Counselling
Teenagers have a lot to deal with. From hormonal changes and going through difficult emotional development stages to pressure from peers, challenges with identity and gender, bullying, social distancing and social media - it’s commonly  an unstable time in a person’s life. Struggling teenagers are known to isolate themselves, create distance from their family, and have problems opening up to those they love the most. This loss of connection can show up as anxiety, depression, challenges sleeping, self-harm, and mood disorders. 

As a concerned guardian, it can be very hard to watch your teenager struggle. Yet, the teenage years are a crucial time for connectedness and support. We can support your teen through these turbulent times by helping them to understand their emotions, develop tools for coping, learn to communicate better, as well as help them understand themselves and their identities more. 

teen mental health

Flexible Counselling Sessions with Teenagers
We are adaptable and able to meet the teen where they are at, whether that means taking the counselling session out into nature on a hike, bringing art into the session or working in a way that will support the teen in finding connection.

Therapy for Teens and the Entire Family
While working with teens outside of the family context is a great start, significant change and empowerment are experienced when work is done collaboratively with parents and children. This can look like family counselling sessions or a combination of individual and group sessions. Having amassed more than 10 years of counselling experience with Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth and their families, we have seen first hand the effectiveness of being flexible and taking a collaborative approach with the whole family.

We love working with teenagers and through individual and group sessions, we can support your family with adolescent and teen mental health, parental mental health, challenging behaviours and family connectedness.

If you want more connectedness with your teen, please reach out. We offer a free 15-minute consultation so we can discuss your needs and so that we can answer any questions you may have about teen counselling services.


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