Relationships can be the greatest source of joy and pleasure in our lives.
It is no wonder that one of the main reasons people seek counselling is to address problems in significant relationships in their lives. Both expected and unexpected life changes can place pressure on our most intimate connections. Over time, these pressures can build into unhealthy patterns of relating that further degrade feelings of relationship satisfaction. 

Couples Counselling 
Couples counselling offers an opportunity for you and your significant other to carve out space for healing in your relationship. We welcome couples of all walks of life and sexual orientations, as well as other family members seeking support in partnership, such as a mother and daughter.


Couples counselling can address wounds that have emerged from

Navigating a growing family and parenthood
Reconciling family values and priorities
Evolving roles and responsibilities
Loss of freedom
Loss of trust
Financial strain
Loss of intimacy
Substance use abuse

It is possible to undo toxic patterns and restore peace in your significant relationship. It is possible to be connected with yourself and others in relationships in a healthy way. We would be honored to support you on this journey.

Let's Restore Peace In Your Relationship


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