If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, pain or finding it difficult to cope, mindfulness tools can support you in coping with the challenges you are experiencing.

What Is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a concept that historically originates from Buddhist thought and its roots go back 25 centuries to the northeast of India where Buddha lived and taught. Mindfulness in the western context started to grow slowly in the early 1980s and 1990s but to date has become a very popular non-secular tool for mental health. Nowadays, you can find mindfulness practiced within yoga studios, schools, offices and in counselling sessions.

How Can Mindfulness Help?
Mindfulness practices such as yoga, body scan relaxations, meditations and intentional presence in daily life can help you develop an objective awareness of your emotional reactions, physical sensations, and needs, as well as support you in developing more compassion and acceptance, toward yourself and others. We also think it's important to note that these practices are scientifically proven to support individuals struggling with post-trauma, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness practices can be incorporated into treatments plans to support the following:

Chronic Illness
Chronic Pain
Difficulty Coping

We are excited to use the knowledge we have gained as yoga instructors, and our personal experiences with mindfulness, to support you in developing your mindfulness practice. Meditation and physical yoga practice can be integrated into your therapy sessions upon your request.

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