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Season 03 Episode 01 with Karli Brodeur

Did you know that Deandra Tousignant and Karli Brodeur have many talents? Join these two from beyond the walls of the beautiful reclaimed church that homes Grit and Growth Wellness in Erickson, Manitoba.

One of Deandra’s talents is that she is passionate about helping others tell their own stories. In her podcast, I Have My Reasons, Deandra sits down with her best friend and business partner, Karli Brodeur for their first-ever podcast episode together. In Season 3, Episode 1, you will learn such beautiful insights to these two humans, past history and story of how Grit and Growth Wellness came to be, and more.

In this I Have My Reasons episode, they discuss:

  • Their meeting and the evolution of their friendship
  • How Grit and Growth Wellness came to be
  • A recent personal breakthrough of Karli’s assisted by psychedelic therapy
  • How our perspectives and beliefs impact our experience of suffering
  • Victim consciousness
  • And so much more!

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About I Have My Reasons Podcast

I Have My Reasons is a podcast highlighting stories of human innovation, resiliency, and resourcefulness hosted by mom, clinical counsellor, and singer-songwriter, Deandra Dey.

As a counsellor, Deandra has the privilege of hearing and being inspired by human stories of passion, hardship and reclamation. She often thinks:

“If everyone had the opportunity to sit across from an individual and experience this type of connection and vulnerability, maybe we would be more accepting of our differences. More so, maybe we would even see the ways in which we are similar!”

In I Have My Reasons, Deandra has conversations with individuals from a variety of professions, cultural backgrounds, demographics, and who have a diversity of values and beliefs. During these conversations, Deandra engages with individuals to talk about how they have regained footing after personal challenges. Deandra yearns to know what her guests are passionate about, and what they think we are challenged with as a community, locally, regionally or globally.

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